Quick Update

After a week of rainy weather, and another week of waiting for the soil to dry out again after all the rain (5 inches over the course of a week can make the ground pretty muddy) this week is go-go-go here at the farm.

Since last I updated the blog we’ve transplanted kale, lettuce, onions (including scallions and shallots), hoop-house tomatoes, broccoli, kohlrabi and cauliflower and direct seeded all of our peas, and the first plantings of radishes, spring turnips, beets, spinach, arugula, boc choy, and dill. May is the month when every day is a planting day—all the early spring crops get started in May so that they’ll be ready in June, and all the frost-sensitive crops like tomatoes, peppers and eggplant get transplanted in May, after the cold weather seems to be gone for good.

We had a lot of help from a troop of girl-scouts who came out on Earth Day and Mother’s Day to give us a hand. They helped weed and plant peas, mulch our raspberries, seed our watermelon and napa cabbage, thin the onions and cut our seed potatoes into plantable chunks. We really appreciated both their help and their company—there’s nothing like a group of teenagers to get a big project done! In their honor we’re referring to all our peas as “the girl-scout peas,” and we expect people to enjoy them in a similar manner to girl-scout cookies.

I hope to make more regular (although perhaps equally rushed) updates over the next few weeks as more crops get in the ground. Also, check back for more pictures!


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