New season, new changes

It’s been just over two weeks since Elijah was born, and we’re finally at the stage where it seems possible we could get more done in any one day than just nursing the baby, changing diapers, eating meals and taking naps. Not a day too soon, either, since our big Fedco seed order arrived today. Soon (next week?) we’ll be starting our onions, and then the farming season will have begun again.

Last year I was pregnant for practically the entire growing season. Spring, summer and fall I was aware every day of the life I was carrying. From May through July (the first trimester) I was sick so often that there were days I would only be able to work in the field for a few hours before I would feel so bad I was forced to retreat to the shade again. As the summer went on I was rarely nauseous but still easily tired, and by the fall I was big enough that it was challenging to lift and carry our black picking crates.

So when I think about the changes Elijah will bring to this year, I know that already he’s done a lot to teach me that there are times when I need to take care of myself and take care of him, no matter how badly the squash needs to be weeded. Geoffrey and I both know that this year is going to bring a new set of challenges, but having a beautiful, squirmy, funny and demanding little person to take care of is already bringing its share of rewards, and plenty of important lessons to be learned.



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  1. grace

    I’m way late, but congratulations SO MUCH!!